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Privacy and Security

The personal information of the users is any kind of personal information, such as name, surname, phone number, e-mail address, directly or indirectly defined as “personal information asında in this privacy policy.
The personal information of XLMWin.com users will not be used in any way other than the principles and scope determined by this privacy policy and will only be shared with third parties with the express consent of the user.
When registering, enter a password consisting of Upper - Small - Special Character - Numbers.

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Prevention of Irregularities

Fake reference planning analysis and payment claims are suspended if there is any unfair gain, multiple accounts are not allowed.

Users whose accounts have been terminated may contact us at "[email protected]" if they think there is a mistake.


The XLMWin.com site loads XLM into the vault every week. These xlms are distributed to users as pool shares.
XLM Withdrawal requests are not automatic, transactions are checked by us and payment is made.
The towing limit is 8 Stellar (XLM). When you reach this limit, you can send a withdrawal request to any stellar wallet.
If the wrong wallet address or memo code is entered, the user is responsible for this error and no return is made.
Please be aware that in some cases there may be delays in payment.

Reference Program

Your references earn up to 10% extra in pool share earnings, your awareness can be raised as a percentage of your reference.

Pool System

Pool; The xlm you receive from the pool every 60 minutes will be credited to your account and will be reflected to you as + 10% of your earnings.
The possibilities listed in the table operate as written.

There is also a 15-minute mini-pool.

Pool Revenues

Pool revenues; Calculated based on advertising revenue. The pool safe is replenished in her week and the average income statement is raised or reduced from time to time.